Selling a home

Selling a Home

Perhaps you have listed and sold homes before. Or maybe this is your first time. If and when you invite multiple realtors to do a listing presentation for you, the suggested asking price may vary. What does that mean? What is the best way to choose a realtor? Do you want to just list your home, or do you really wish to sell it?
We will advise our clients to set a fair asking price, especially if you have already spotted your next home. We won’t sweet talk, but provide you with sound advice. Experience has taught us that a fair asking price will lead to more showings, which will lead to a faster sale.

ERA Admiraal Makelaardij will set up a strategic sales plan with every listing, combined with your needs and wishes. We will point out the pros and cons of your home and supply you with suggestions to dress your house for success.
First impressions mostly determine the next steps in the sales process.

Together with you we will decide what is the best time for putting your home on the market. A pro-active market approach will be crucial in getting the best results.
ERA helps us to offer your home to a bigger and broader audience. This is a huge benefit for you!

Please invite us over for a first impression of your home. Let’s discuss your future plans, as well as your preferred time schedule. Just fill out the form and we will contact you for our first meeting!

We would love to get in touch!

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