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Danielle Buur


I started working at ERA Admiraal Makelaardij at the age of 18, in 1990.
Every day I enjoy going to “work”, which does not feel like working at all!
I get to do what I like doing most of all every single day: helping people buy or sell a home in the best way possible.
I live in Duivendrecht. My life is a full life, working full time, being married to a sweet husband and mom of three almost grown up children.
I exercise and enjoy spending time with friends.
The diversity in this job is what makes every day exciting and different than the one before.
Being a realtor is my way of life!


Joost Haan


I was born in Groningen in the northern part of the country. Since my relocation to this area, over 20 years ago, I have been working as a realtor in the Amstelveen area.
Buying or selling a home is an important and impactful phase in almost anyone’s life.
As a realtor and a rational northerner I love to share my knowledge, experience and insight with my customers, in order to assist them best.
My most important objective is to get our customer to review our cooperation afterwards with the highest possible satisfaction. Outside of office hours I love to go sailing and every once in a while I try to learn the game of golf.

Joost Haan_2021

Sandra Hachmang


Since 1997 I have been part of team ERA Admiraal Makelaardij. What I like best about my job is the personal interaction with so many different people. Every day brings a new surprise! I live in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel with my husband and 2 daughters. I love to spend my free moments with my family, I like playing tennis and reading. Cooking dinners is another favorite pastime. I love to invite our friends over for dinner.

Sandra Hachmang

José de Kuiper


Since 2004 I have worked fulltime as an administrator for ERA Admiraal Makelaardij. I was the last person to join the company, and since day one we have worked together as a well-oiled team.
My job is to make sure that the organization runs smoothly. Getting that done is a job with many aspects, which makes it interesting and diverse.
I live in Ouderkerk and I am a mom to two grown up sons, who have become dads in their own right.
Being a grandmother is the greatest job in life! A lifestyle, which I enjoy to the fullest on every free moment.

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Marlies de Kuiper


I have been a realtor for 40 years. Working in real estate has changed over the years, but has always remained a gratifying vocation for me. For a short period of time I get to be part of a major change in my customer’s life. Buying and selling a home has a huge impact on anyone’s life. Supplying solid advice, showing involvement, showing sincere interest by listening and seeking to understand has led to achieving the best possible results. That is our shared objective, time and time again.


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