Sales Action Plan

Let’s get to work!

It is crucial to enter the marketplace with the sharpest possible asking price, if we want to accomplish maximum exposure in that crucial first listing month.

Our asking price is set on the basis of a Comparative Market Analysis. By analyzing the developments in your specific market segment, the area in general and similar homes in a written report, the best asking price can be determined.

The ERA sales professional will plan his marketing activities, promotion and presentation of the listing accordingly.

He or she will make sure the listing will get the best amount of attention in the market.

Nationwide ERA sales professionals sell 30% of all listings within 3 months on average. Half of all the listings are sold within 6 months nationwide.

ERA bord half Binnen 3 maanden verkocht opzetruiter

ERA Sales Plan

You are selling your home and you have listed it with an ERA sales professional.

The most exposure will be generated in the first 6 to 8 weeks. That is why all promotional activities will be directed to generate maximum exposure during this period.

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