A new home

Buying a home

Home ownership signifies independence for many people. Besides, buying a home is an investment that might be useful in later years. What exactly does your dream home look like? What is your price range? How does it work?

Hiring a real estate professional to help you purchase your dream home is a serious investment, not only in bricks, but also in stellar service.

It ensures you get what you pay for, and you avoid any misunderstandings during or after the purchase.

This is an investment that pays off, not just financially, but in peace of mind.

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Buying a home with era

At a certain point you have viewed a number of properties, and you have selected one or two that have every potential to become your next home.

This is an exciting stage in the buying process. Now you’re down to negotiations, though these are not just about price. You will also need to reach an agreement about what exactly is included in the sale, what stays behind in the home, the terms of how you might finance the purchase, and how this could affect your chance of success.


Advice on purchasing a home

When purchasing a home, you can work with a real estate professional, just as when you list your home. Of course there will be many questions about the purchase, as well as about the actual property. You will want to be fully informed before making any purchase. If you work with an ERA professional, he will negotiate on your behalf with the listing agent. Your ERA professional will serve your interests only and negotiate the best possible price and terms.

If both parties agree, you will then sign and close the transaction. Congratulations!

Before the actual date on which ownership will be transferred from the seller to you, your ERA professional will advise you to join him or her on a final showing. You want to make sure that you get exactly what you pay for, in the state in which you decided to purchase the home. Your ERA professional will take care of this and communicate with the selling party or the listing agent.

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